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Who We Are

Highly specialist diagnostic centre with wide market access and quality control. 

PExpo is a diagnostic company based in London specialising in infectious disease rapid tests. Our group of experts constantly search the market for the highest quality testing facilities within the UK.  

Quick information about our PCR labs

PExpo currently offers two different PCR Self-swab test kits. Both of our labs are UKAS-accredited. 

Express PCR tests are booked prior to 11 am for the same day result directly to your email . If you book your test after this timing it will be couriered  to our lab the same day with your result ready on your email as a pdf file within 24 hours. 

Regarding the new variant strain of Covid 19, our labs confirmed that their RT-PCR methods detect the new variant. The test does not differentiate between different variants of the Covid-19 virus. Our tests are available only as a self-swab kit to be taken a away and dropped back to our clinic in Central London. A Video link and WhatsApp support message will be sent directly to your email to guide you step by step throughout the process. 

MHRA Approved Test kits only at PExpo - Click here

15 min reliable Antigenic test.

We use the most reliable brands within the industry for our clients. Currently we use SD Biosensor antigenic test by Roche. The brand is endorsed by all embassies in London which accept the antigenic test for the travellers as a proof of Covid-19 test.

You will be issued with a certificate of result which can include your passport number if required. All certificates are issued with details of test brand, Its accuracy, sensitivity and manufacturers details. 

You will receive your result certificate under one hour directly to your email as a pdf.

Simply call us or drop a WhatsApp message for a free travel advise. One of our experienced team members will help you with your questions.

Test to relase 

Both of PExpo's lab and e-tool provider ( Randox and Pharmadoctor) are registered as private providers of coronavirus testing on the UK government website. Click here to check

We offer premium 3-hour London delivery and collection for your test-to-release PCR lab swab. You can either pop in one of our clinics on your 5th day of arrival for our same day result before 11am or simply get your result the next day if your sample is with us after 11 am on the day.

We work closely with our approved London based labs to satisfy our client's needs at an affordable price. All our team members are registered health care professionals working closely and updating our company policies with fast changing testing regulation. You can give us a call or drop us a WhatsApp message for the latest updates.

Our Clients

Test-to-Release Covid-19 using official government Provider. Fit to fly certificate 
same day or next day result .

Our clients recommend us throughout the health industry within the UK and globally for our years of experience. Here we have come together as a group of medical and pharmaceutical expertise to choose and market the best diagnostic tests.

Central London

We are based at the heart of London. Our testing clinic is based at Devonshire Pharmacy specialising in Covid testing during the pandemic.

Devonshire Pharmacy, 215 Edgware Road, London, W2 1ES.

To book your test simply call us at

 +44 20 3575 1209

You can also WhatsApp us 24/7  at 

+44 7308 245223 

Or email us at

Contact us for booking and any country/testing information that you would need prior to your booking. One of our clinicians will assist you.

Newport Stansted Day Clinic

We provide rapid antigenic test at Newport Chemist due to high demand of travellers on their way to Stansted airport. 

At PExpo Newport clinic we Guarantee your result and certificate within 30 min of your tester your money back!

You simply BOOK your test and pop in to the clinic on your way to the airport for your Rapid SD Biosensor test with your result ready in 15 minutes and printed in 30 minutes. 


You will avoid heavy airport testing centre queuing with our trusted clinic. 

We provide 24/7 WhatsApp support and email. 

PExpo is recommended and endorsed by  European embassies for our premium antigenic brand with a tailored made certificate. 

Our partner Newport Pharmacy has been an established clinic with extraordinary community services. 

Best at what we do 

No matter what you need, we’ve got everything to support you and your business and wellbeing

At PExpo, we bring the science of e-pharmacy and in-depth market research to your door. We help you to build your ideas independently. Our clients recommend us for being supportive, caring and business minded. We work with multi-deciplinary teams across the health industry to build a tailor-made plan for you and your business. Wether you are a pharmacy member, a general practitioner or allied health care professional, we assist you to digitalise and test your potentials side by side.